a bit fairy tale.

I’m so terribly elated to never have to go back to the college dorms again. The disorganization and filthiness was too much for me to handle in the end D: I guess I’ve grown up too accustomed to the flawless cleanliness that my mother and sister have always so ardently valued.
Still, I’m sad that the year is over! Friends, classes, projects, and learning how to think in a completely different way than I was used to in high school was a truly great experience.
So, now that the year is over and I’m enjoying what will probably be one of the few summers I have left in my life (maybe even the last), I’ll post some schoolwork as I find them around all of the piles of stuff that I brought home!
This assignment was to draw something significant about hands and/or feet, so I chose to go with the idea of a performance and how hands can create something, but at the same time there’s the pressure of having no room for mistakes.
I’d like to think that I got better at drawing…xD
  • 5 May 2012
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